Our Tokens

Tokens are digital assets recorded openly and securely on a distributed ledger. They can be used to represent real assets, contracts, loans, or even collectibles. Others can be used on technology platforms to pay for, or gain access to services or goods. They can be traded easily with others.

EKO Tokens

EKOs are forest asset-backed tokens, available on pre-sale now. More details here.

FOLIO Tokens

FOLIOs are Ekofolio's native digital asset, that are used primarily to pay for Ekofolio's platform services.

Key features of EKO and FOLIO tokens

EKO Tokens FOLIO Tokens
Purpose Forest-backed digital asset Payment for Ekofolio fees
Acquisition method Direct purchase on Ekofolio.com Free gift on purchase of EKOs, early adopter bonus, strategic partner incentives, referral rewards, promotions, bounties, participation
Features and benefits Asset backed
Stable growth
Climate positive
Payment for Ekofolio fees
Voting and Rewards
Future value correlated to success of asset portfolio
Face Value €1 + 3% p.a. growth €1 on Ekofolio.com for payment of fees
Maturity 10 years When assets are sold
Redemption Value 130% of initial face value Excess Ekofolio portfolio value above debts (pro-rated)
Supply Uncapped 1 Billion cap, burnt when spent
Tradable Yes Yes

FOLIO Tokens have a face value of EUR1 each, and have their total supply capped at 1 billion.
Currently, they are used to pay for fees on Ekofolio.com when you purchase EKOs. Every time FOLIOs are used in this way, they are automatically destroyed.

For a limited time period only, you can earn as many FOLIOs as you want, as we are giving you a minimum of 1 FOLIO for every 1 EKO that you purchase. EKOs are available here.

EKOs purchased FOLIOs given per EKO
Up to 4,999 1
5,000 - 24,999 1.5
25,000 to 124,999 2
125,000 and above Enquire

FOLIO Tokens are also given out as a reward to early backers, strategic partners and other members of our growing community who are absolutely fundamental to us achieving our long-term mission. Think of it as our way of saying “thank you.”

From time to time, holders of FOLIOs may be asked to vote on specific decisions related to our platform or portfolio. For their participation, they will be rewarded with EKOs and/or additional FOLIOs.

Finally, when our portfolio comes to maturity, the total value realised in excess of what is owed to EKO or other debtholders will be used to repurchase all FOLIOs in circulation.